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Permitting process

Preparation of the offshore wind farm design is a multi-year process. From obtaining the first administrative decision (permit) to the commencement of construction, it may take up to 10-12 years. During this time, the necessary documentation is being prepared, efforts are being made to obtain the required permits and environmental surveys are being conducted:

  • In January 2013, MFW Baltyk II obtained a decision on the permit to construct and use artificial islands, structures ad installations in the Polish sea areas, also referred to as the location permit
  • In March 2014, the decision was issued on the permit for laying cables on the seabed
  • In March 2017, MFW Baltyk II obtained a decision on environmental conditions
  • In January 2019, MFW Baltyk II obtained the connection conditions from the transmission system operator
  • The building permit is issued by the Voivodship Governor on the basis of the technical design of the wind farm and permits obtained by the investors at earlier stages, including the environmental decision. This is the last permit required prior to the commencement of construction
  • For the onshore infrastructure (cable route, substation) it is necessary to obtain many separate location permits. If the cable route passes through communes not covered by a local development plan, it is necessary to issue an additional decision concerning the location of the public-purpose investment project