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Social contributions policy

Policy of social engagement of OWF Baltyk II and OWF Baltyk III


The involvement for the local community is the main element supporting the long-term development strategy of our offshore wind farm projects of OWF Baltyk II and OWF Baltyk III. We take our role in the social and economic development of the region very seriously. Our social contribution policy includes a number of activities: social investments, sponsorship, donations, employee volunteering and others. We are open to dialogue with residents and other parties concerned, we intend to positively affect both the lives of local communities and the environment.

Our wind farm projects

Prior to the execution of the investment projects, we will analyse their impact on the environment and local communities. We hope that the social contribution policy will benefit both sides and lead to greater cooperation in the implementation of common development concepts of the region.

We oppose all forms of corruption and take actions to prevent them from appearing among our employees and co-workers. We respect human rights, we treat everyone equally, fairly, with respect and dignity.

Social engagement criteria

When selecting and planning social engagement projects, we will take into account the following elements: business objectives, project-specific risks, assessment of their environmental impact and socio-economic needs, signalled in discussions with residents.

Social engagement projects, according to our assumptions, must have a business rationale, i.e. they should benefit the investors and local communities.

Selected social projects will be systematically implemented and managed. We will monitor whether the implementation of the joint venture meets a pre-established action plan that includes: scope, objective, budget, supervisory and reporting process and the reasons for possible termination of cooperation. This process will be supported by competent and proven partners.

Scope of the social engagement

When implementing social projects, we will share our knowledge and experience with the local community. We will endeavour to enhance its competence in offshore wind energy and encourage its own initiatives concerning, inter alia, environmental protection. Examples of such projects include support for local sports initiatives or research initiatives in schools and universities, including environmental education activities. Social involvement may also include material donations to local communities for important purposes.

The charity policy shall not include:

  • Operating cost to promote safety and sustainable development* relating to employees of the companies
  • Scientific or academic research for the exclusive benefit of the companies
  • Projects limited only to the construction infrastructure – facilities, roads and other
  • Political or religious activities
  • Sponsored sports events (e.g. Champions League)

* Sustainable development – a method of management in which satisfying the needs of the current generation will not reduce the chances of satisfying the needs of future generations. In sustainable development, the environment is its basis, the economy is a tool and the well-being of society is an objective.

The scale of our social activities will gradually increase, in proportion to the progress of offshore wind farm projects. The final decision on social involvement initiatives will be made by the management boards of the OWF Baltyk II and the OWF Baltyk III companies.